Patient Testimonials

  • "We cannot express how grateful we are for the wonderful care that the entire staff gave to our dog, Max. The care and love he received from your clinic is humbling and much appreciated."
    Steve and Christine B.
  • "This veterinary hospital has been fantastic for my puppy and cat. Prices have been very reasonable and communicated clearly. Staff have been fantastic and so helpful for me as an anxious pet parent! They are available by phone and email to answer quick questions and have accepted last-minute appointments when I’ve had bigger concerns."
    Maggie K.
  • "Dr. Yard is incredibly patient and kind. My dogs are NOT a fan of the vet, and every experience thus far I’ve felt my two Akita Mutts are treated with love, compassion, and care. I feel very safe with Dr. Yard and she truly loves animals. I’ve never felt “vet shamed,” because my dogs are hard work. Thank you Dr. Yard for bill of clean health. Claude & HamBone a blessed to have such a great vet!"
    Erin H.
  • "I am grateful to you and to all of the team at Wissahickon for their efforts to help Stanley. He's easily frightened so it meant a great deal to have the familiar voices of the techs who took care of him and to be in your office out of the noise of the other animals."
  • "Everyone is always kind and knowledgeable. It’s worth the wait to become a new patient, appointments are usually pretty quick to get after. I rushed my dog in on the weekend because I thought he had another tick on him and the Dr took him right back, found out it was just a scab, and didn’t charge me for being an overreacting mom. Appreciate you guys!"
    Sara B.
  • "Great staff who are personable, but professional. I would definitely recommend!!!"

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