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Examination and Immunization

Regular wellness visits and adhering to vaccine protocols are essential to keeping your pet healthy.  Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Hospital regularly provides such services and we do so in a manner that encourages low stress on the patient.  At Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Hospital, we take pride in being an experienced and friendly environment, and that means a more comfortable and enjoyable place for your pet to receive care.

In case of illness or injury, we’re here to diagnose the problem and to recommend a treatment plan.  Our veterinarians have a long history of clinical practice.  We combine this experience with honesty and integrity to ensure that you and your pet get the straightforward advice and excellent medical treatment that is the cornerstone of our animal hospital.

Imaging and Lab

Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Hospital administers basic ultrasound to diagnose many diseases, as well as for reproductive and pregnancy analysis.

Our state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine provides detailed imaging for the immediate detection and study not only of broken bones, but also heart or lung problems, tumors, bladder or kidney stones, swallowed objects, joint problems and arthritis, and other conditions.

We use an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine to check the health of the heart and to analyze any symptoms of chest pain.  An ECG can detect the causes of disease and determine whether medicines are working as intended and causing side effects.

We also provide in-house blood work and urinalysis for the rapid detection of many common ailments and use an outside lab for a more complete diagnostic analysis of more complicated disorders.

Surgical Services

A wide range of surgical services are available at Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Hospital.  We utilize a separate surgical suite to maximize the sterility of the environment, and we take great care in anesthetizing and treating you pet like it was our own.

Prior to any surgery, every animal undergoes a physical exam and blood analysis to determine the patient’s health and fitness, and to ensure the advisability of the procedure.

During the application of anesthesia and throughout the surgical process, the patient receives intravenous fluids, and an expert veterinary nurse monitors vital signs including heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.
Most surgeries are out-patient so that your pet can return home with you the same day.  For in-patient procedures, our hospital is fully equipped to care for and monitor your pet during their recovery.



Dental disease is common in household pets, and it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, as well as lead to complications with the organs such as kidney failure and heart disorders.  WCVH provides ultrasonic cleaning to remove tartar under the gums and decrease gingivitis, as well as oral surgery to remove diseased, loose or damaged teeth.  Professional attention to your pet’s teeth and gums is crucial in helping them to maintain a healthy and happy life.

Pharmacy and Pet Supplies

WCVH has most pharmacological products available in-house for your convenience, including preventatives against fleas, ticks and heartworm.  We also have prescription pet foods available when the doctor feels it will benefit your pet.  Medicated shampoos and topical products are also commonly prescribed and available at the hospital. 

Urgent Care

If your pet is having an emergency or urgent need, please call us (215) 483-9896. We will do our best to address the concern. 

If you pet is in a life-threatening situation, we recommend going to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates 2626 Van Buren Ave, Valley Forge, PA 19403.  (610) 666-1050. 

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