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Meet Our Skilled Team!

  • Dr.
    Dana Yard, VMD

    Doctor Dana Yard is our practice owner and University of Pennsylvania graduate.  Dr. Yard has experience treating serious conditions & offering regular pet wellness care at some of the area’s top veterinary clinics and hospitals. Not only is Dr. Yard a compassionate veterinarian of dogs and cats, she can also be found spoiling her horses and traveling the globe. While dogs and cats are Dr. Yard's primary patients, she has used her expertise to help animals in Africa. Dr. Yard not only makes sure her patients are well taken care of, but she also maintains a team of compassionate veterinary professionals. 

  • Dr.
    Stephanie Kilkucki, VMD

    Doctor Stephanie Kilkucki graduated with her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and joined our family in 2020. She continuously shows her love and dedication to her career by the care she gives to her patients and her Wissahickon Creek family. Outside of work, Dr. Kilkucki enjoys spending time with her three cats, Rex, Senga, and Ruby, travelling far and wide, and baking the most delicious desserts to share with her friends and co-workers.

  • Dr.
    Courtney Flynn, VMD

    Doctor Courtney Flynn is a University of Pennsylvania graduate and joined our team in 2022.  Dr. Flynn grew up in Staten Island, NY and received her undergraduate degree from University of Delaware. She is a compassionate team member and ensures all of her patients needs are addressed. Outside of work, Dr. Flynn can be found taking Pilates classes, petting the Golden Retrievers of Manayunk, and of course spoiling her kitty bestfriend, Piper. 

  • Beth S.
    Surgical & Dental Nurse

    Beth is an incredibly dedicated veterinary technician and surgical/dental nurse here at Wissahickon Creek. No matter what it means, Beth always goes the extra mile to help animals in need and support her co-workers to do the same. Beth is there for everyone’s pets just as much as she is for her own, Iris, Xena, Jiggy, and Faunt who, along with her kids, she loves to spend time playing with on her time off.

  • Theresa H.
    Surgical & Dental Nurse

    Theresa is a veterinary technician and surgical nurse who we welcomed back to our family in 2017 after she spent a few years broadening her knowledge in animal care. She is currently taking courses to become a dental nurse so that she can help even more pets. Theresa loves animals of all shapes and sizes but if you have a pug, they should expect a ‘boop’ on the snoot when they come to visit her. Theresa has four pets of her own that she named following a theme (which you can probably guess), Bella, Gordita, Churro, and Diablo.

  • Briana C.
    Nurse & Future Veterinarian

    Bri is a veterinary technician and surgical nurse who has been with us since 2018. She is currently pursuing her DVM at Long Island University. She works day in and day out to improve her skills as a technician, as well as sharing her knowledge and experiences with others who seek to do the same. Outside of school and work, Bri’s high energy pup, Zuri, keeps life entertaining and full of surprises.

  • Karen M.

    Karen is one of our most seasoned assistants having been a dedicated member of our team since the summer of 2006. If your pet is a black cat, we can almost guarantee Karen will be a part of your appointment. Though, if you can’t find her at the hospital, she has likely escaped to Florida or is at home hanging out with her four black cats, Cleo, Pierre, Fin, and Sophia.

  • Kelly D.

    Kelly has been a veterinary assistant with Wissahickon Creek since 2019. She has a super soft spot for the grumpiest looking kitties and fluffiest of dogs. On her days off, you can find Kelly sharing a coffee and pup cups with her two twin sidekicks, Bruno and Sally.

  • Clara F.
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Clara recently joined the Wiss Creek family. She earned her license from Harcum College and immediately joined our team. Clara can help calm an nervous puppies and help them relax for their vaccines. When she is not working, you can find Clara hiking with her best friend, Dash, or reading and painting. 

  • Chelsea A.
    Bachelor of Science

    Chelsea is a veterinary assistant that joined team Wissahickon Creek in 2020. At work, Chelsea is, without fail, our go to chihuahua whisperer but outside of work, she is an avid hiker and enjoys spending her time with her pets Stevie, Calliope, and Simon.

  • Alexis H.

    Alexis joined our team 2020 as a receptionist and is now one of our assistants.  She is studying to become a veterinary technician at Penn Foster. Outside of school and work, Alexis enjoys reading a good book with her feathered friend, Sonny, spending time with her cat Princess, and riding horses as often as she can.

  • Bridget D.

    Bridget is a veterinary assistant pursuing her dream to be a veterinarian by attending school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She became a part of our family in 2016 and has shown an unwavering determination to help animals ever since. Outside of school and work, Bridget enjoys spending time with her sweet schnauzer, Elsie and volunteering her time at wildlife clinics in the area.

  • Ashley W.
    Receptionist & Office Coordinator

    Ashley is our lead receptionist who became part of our team in 2020 and her dedication to her job and the animals she helps grows each and every day. She is a huge advocate for dogs in need of a helping hand, especially largely misunderstood breeds like Boerboels. Ashley’s new cat Pickles keeps her busy with all of her shenanigans at home, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Jamie Z.

    Jamie is a receptionist who joined our family in 2020. She is currently attending school at Thomas Jefferson University studying industrial design. Besides going to school, Jamie likes to spend her time outside of work helping to rehome animals in need as well as spending time with her own three cats, Hunter, Momiji, and Athena.

  • Zuri & Isisa
    Pharmacy Managers

    Zuri and Isisa can be found supervising the nurses in the pharmacy and begging for lunch leftovers!

  • Bru aka Bruno aka Handsome Man!
    Customer Service Manager

    Bru is one of the most dedicated customer service employees around! He makes sure everyone is greeted with kisses and smiles while helping to address all of your pet's needs. 

  • Cheeto W.
    Surgical Team Supervisor

    Cheeto will make sure all the nurses take a break from surgery to give him all the treats!

  • Porter O.
    Director of Public Relations

    Porter maintains the Wissahickon Creek Facebook and email. He is one of the most creative social media guru's around but does require the finest dog treats imported from Australia. 

  • Dr. Zambane Y.
    Vet Student Intern

    Zambane is always ready for any emergency. While studying for his degree, you can find him supporting the nurses and doctors. He has proven to be a quick learner but we keep having to wake him up from his many puppy naps. 

  • Hades & Iris S.
    Payment Receivable Specialists

    Hades and Iris are perhaps the friendliest debt collectors and are easily paid in chicken nuggets & hugs. If you have any questions about an outstanding bill, make sure you have a treat or two. 

  • Rex K.
    Chief Information Security Officer

    Rex is one of the top CISO's in the Philadelphia area. He helps make sure all of our computers are up to date with their meow-ware protection so everything runs smoothly.

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